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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Generations Wheeljack: what a guy!

 I was super excited when I heard that Generations Wheeljack was being released. I've always loved the character and I feel like it is time Wheeljack gets a good update. Amazingly, the mold for Tracks works really well for Wheeljack as well. With all the new parts, new head and accessories this is a brand new figure. This is how I wish every retool were done. Does anyone remember the days when a 'retool' consisted of a new colorscheme and that was it? Wheeljack here goes above and beyond that calling. And he fits in swimmingly with the other Classics. Hasbro is really starting to outdo themselves; I hope they can keep reaching the bar they have set because it is crazy high.

With his G1 counterpart.

Scientists unite!

Night and Day.

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