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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Generation 2 Drench Dilemma

During the release of Generation 2 I was in my early teens so it was a very on/off period for me. What I mean by that is one week I would be very into buying Transformers and spend all of my money there while the next I was 'over' Transformers and wanted to focus on things like friends, girls and other useless crap like that. At any rate it was a very confusing time (as puberty tends to be) and thus I missed a lot of good stuff that came out at retail during those years. Somehow I managed to pick up most of the '93 stuff but completely missed all the color changers. So in my quest to obtain all of the Generation 2 figures I missed I happened upon Drench here, Em. Oh. Cee. (MOC or mint on card).

When I purchased him off eBay I thought to myself: "Great, this Drench is cheaper than any of the loose versions out there and he is mint! I'll just open him up when I get him and add him to the shelf". However when I finally got him in the mail I couldn't bring myself to do it. Maybe it is the residual AFA collector in me, or maybe it is just not wanting to ruin a beautiful piece of sealed artwork (and by this I mean the entire package with toy, not just the art printed on the card) but I was very conflicted about opening him. It also doesn't help that I have another sealed G2 color changer: Go-Bots. And of course they look great together.

So ultimately I decided that it was best to keep him sealed and I could always find a loose version without too much trouble and that way I can add this sealed one to my carded G2 collection which seems to be growing despite my best efforts. This also reminds me I need to still find a loose Go-Bots. And a loose Superion (yeah right!). And a loose Jolt. And a loose Beachcomber.

Hmmm. I'm seeing a trend here.


  1. Open him. And setup a camera to show when you open him so that you can tell the world you opened a MOC figure 20 years after it was released!

    1. I really don't think I could do it! I've opened a few MISB European G1 figures, but I like the way G2 looks too much to do it. I could probably do it with a Beast Wars figure though.

  2. Gobots shouldn't be hard to find, but I don't have Drench because he doesn't appear that often.

    Speaking of G2 Slingshot, a loose (complete) one just sold for a very reasonable price on eBay so perhaps there is hope!

    1. You know, it is really weird. For some reason it is so much easier to find reasonably priced MISB G2 than loose G2. Weird.