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Sunday, June 30, 2013

European Black Zarak at Botcon!?!?!

I found this amazing picture yesterday over on Roboplastic Apocalypse and it has gotten deep into my head! I can't stop thinking about it! There is a very good chance this is a custom of some sort, but the box just looks so well done that it is hard to believe. However Heroic Decepticon commented that the styrofoam is obviously from Scorponok and the figure looks to be painted instead of molded in the famous "GPS" gold color.

If anyone happens to see this guy at Botcon I would love some better high-res pictures so I can get a good look at that box. And it's too bad it is a custom because that would really compliment Overlord very well.

UPDATE!!! See below!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Japanese Headmaster Shuffler, the Elusive Exclusive

Pretty much everyone knows about this figure by now, it used to be cloaked in obscurity five or ten years ago, but with the advent of the KO reissues a couple of years ago the Exclusive Japanese Headmasters became a lot more common. Personally I thought as soon as the KO's hit the market the vintage figures would be super easy to find. What I didn't count on was a lot of other collectors like myself who only want the real thing. So while the price on some of these guys may have dropped, their availability never increased. So a couple of months ago I finally found the last color Headmaster I needed, and it of course is the rarest of the bunch: Shuffler.