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Sunday, March 18, 2012


It really doesn't get any more Japanese than Choro-Q. These are basically a (very-short) line of small, super-deformed Transformers characters that actually transformed in to similarly deformed alt modes. I'm not really sure why things like this are so popular in Japan, but since they were never sold in America I can say pretty safely that it isn't something that would be very popular over here. But then again I could be wrong, after all we do have Bot-Shots.

It is kind of funny I bring up Bot Shots because they were part of the influence of me adding to my existing Choro-Q collection. I originally received the two Optimus figures from my girlfriend back in 2001 as a Christmas present. Ever since then I have wanted both the Megatrons and the Rodimii(?). Each mold was painted once in the animation colors as seen in the original G1 show and then repainted into metallic versions for Optimus and Rodimus and a black version for Megatron echoing his Walther heritage.

At any rate I started thinking about these guys again when Bot Shots started coming out because the Bot Shots looked so much like them. I had really enjoyed the Optimus figures for the past 11 years so I decided I was going to complete the set and actually found a seller online selling just the four I needed for a very reasonable price.

Now I have them all!!!!! Bwah ha ha!
I still think Optimus is my favorite, with Rodimus a close second. Megatron leaves a lot to be desired plus the plastic on the TV version is very yellow. It doesn't look like sun damage, it just looks like maybe it was a cheap plastic and it has degraded over time.

So who knows? Maybe Hasbro should have tested the waters with these little guys. They are way outside of the realm of my collecting, but I got them anyway partially for completion sake and partly because they seemed interesting. Perhaps if Bot Shots really takes off they'll decide to give some of these cute little guys a shot.


  1. I have both Convoys and I used to own both Megatrons. I think I first got mine at Botcon in Fort Wayne, IN. I do see the similarities with Bot Shots.

    BTW, if you do break down and buy a Bot Shot, make the Prime launcher your first. The launcher/trailer is a great addition to the actual Bot Shot figure. I just may have a post coming up on those soon...

    1. I actually did buy a couple, but I'm not really sure why...