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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Misinformation Debunked

This article is a little old, but apparently I missed it the first time around so I thought I would throw it up here in case anyone else hasn't had a chance to see it. Personally I found this a very refreshing and informative read.

Back to the Future Myths Debunked by Producer Bob Gale

Personally my favorite part of this article is:
There will not be a Back to the Future Part IV nor a remake of the original.
As both Robert Zemeckis and I have stated repeatedly over the years, we have no plans or desires to make another Back to the Future movie -- not a Part 4, nor a remake of Part 1.  Nor does Universal or Amblin Entertainment have any such plans.  How do we know?  Because, per our contracts with these companies, no Back to the Future sequel or remake can even be scripted without discussing it with us first.  No such discussions have taken place.   We are very proud of the Trilogy as it stands and we want to leave it as is.
THANK YOU! I can't imagine how badly Hollywood could screw up a remake or potential sequel. The Trilogy is perfect the way it is and doesn't need any updating/changing/screwing with. In an age of endless remakes and sequels (Spiderman, I'm looking at you) it is refreshing to see these guys standing their ground.

1 comment:

  1. Hear, hear!! Couldn't agree more. Sometimes it's better to just let the good stuff stay the way everyone remembers it, instead of tainting it with a mediocre remake/sequel/re-imagining made purely as a cash-in.

    If the original creative team ever feels they have a worthy addition to the trilogy I would like to see it, but if not, then so be it! The trilogy is a masterpiece as it is.