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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Metrotitan Awakes!

Whew! Now that the Charticon stuff is out of the way it is back to the good stuff! So this post kicks off Japanese G1 month! Each week for the next four weeks I am going to be posting about a different vintage Japanese G1 figure. The first entry is a massive one: Metrotitan!

Due to the recent storylines in MTMTE and RID, and the recent "biggest Transformer ever" 30th Anniversary Metroplex just being released, there is no surprise that the Titans are at the forefront of most transfans' minds these days. Since there were technically only two "titans" released in the G1 line I thought this was a perfect time to get one of these guys a little more exposure.

So because I have never seen Zone (the series in which Metrotitan appeared) I was unaware he was originally constructed as an Autobot and later defected. I guess this makes sense since the Autobots constructed(?) Metroplex. I had always just assumed the Decepticons had stolen the plans. You don't often hear about 'bots defecting. I was aware however, that he was one of only two Decepticon toys released for Zone. TWO! (Well, technically more than two since the other one was the Race Track Patrol and Metrotitan came with some other figures.)

Where have I seen this image before?
My figure's box is unfortunately discolored a bit on the front, but that doesn't really bother me too much. What I really like about the box is the back. It has a great "city" scene in the Micro Machines style featuring the huge Metrotitan towering over the Autobots (oddly enough, Metrotitan can be seen in the back of the city with a few Metroplex parts!) There is also a cool shot of the city mode on the rocks with none other than, can you guess? The Race Car Patrol!

Oh yeah, there it is!

The figure is obviously just a recolored Metroplex, so there isn't really anything new about him, other than the fact that he comes with Metrobomb, who is a recolor of Skystalker. I was hoping he would have some extra connectors for Micromaster ramps but no such luck. He also comes with Metroshot, Metrotank, and Metrodash. I find this hilarious. Not only do they not really care to release Decepticons for Zone, but they really don't care about naming them either!

Bombing and Stalking.

It is fun to stand Metroplex and Metrotitan together though, especially after seeing so many titans in the pages of the recent comics. In fact, I wouldn't mind for a few more EHobby versions of these guys!

The face off.

Stay tuned for next week!


  1. While Takara may have been lax on the names, I love the deco. It's stunning.

    1. Absolutely agree, the colors are almost G2 crazy!