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Monday, September 2, 2013

Charticon Exclusive Snipenose

Here we are still riding the Charticon Train. The next figure in our exclusive line-up was the custom class Snipenose figure. After we had decided to homage Quake with Warpath we thought it might be a good idea to give him a companion in the form of Needlenose. With Needlenose's recent resurgence in popularity in the RID comic, this seemed like another one of those no-brainers.

I have to give a lot of credit to Encline for collaborating with me to come up with this character. He was also the source of the name: Snipenose (which is a different type of pliers, similar to needlenose pliers). And as luck would have it, we were able to procure a large number of Sky Shadow figures for customization. Again, the number of figures would be limited to 50, with twenty of those being inside the classroom and thirty of them being non-attendee kits.

Sky Shadow translated very well into Needlenose, new head and voila!
Obviously we needed to create a new head for this figure since Needlenose has such an iconic looking mug. Not wanting to repeat the disaster that began with Aftershock's head, I contacted Wheeljack on TFW2005 to create the digital model and then sent the heads to GetRightRobot for casting. We also looked for a way to create the Targetmasters for Snipenose like we had done with Aftershock, but after multiple conversations with Mastershooter Collectibles and Encline it just would have been two expensive to create them from scratch since they weren't already in production unlike Aftershock's partners. Since they couldn't be created, I wrote it into Snipenose's backstory as to why he no longer had partners, and this was to be further explored in the comic book I had planned for our program guide.

The participants of the class had the opportunity to use the green instead of the red for a more toy-accurate color scheme.
Unfortunately that comic did not work out either, so the only real reference to it is in his custom tech spec, which I made sure to include with every kit. And again, GetRightRobot came to our rescue by providing the line art for Snipenose which was then colored by Brandy Dixon.

In the end I think the figure came out very well, the class hosted by Encline seemed to be a big hit, especially since everyone got to use their own airbrushes. I only wish I could have created a custom box for this figure as well, but the expense would have been too great.

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  1. I wish I had the patience for customizing as this is a beautiful figure. I hate my trio is incomplete w/o him on my shelves.

    1. Yeah I'm not that much into customizing either, I was willing to do it but I'm glad Encline took care of it for me.

  2. I hope to someday get mine completed, as I unfortunately have not been able to work on it since Charticon. I owned Needlenose in my childhood and loved his original tech spec personality, and I was glad to be able to get a CHUG version of the character while also learning a lot about customizing (previously, aside from G.I. Joe figures, the only customizing I had done was to bash a Cybertron Blurr head onto the Generations Blurr figure).