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Saturday, February 19, 2011

2010 Universal Dominator Unicron

I figured I'd start things off with a bang. It doesn't get much bigger than Unicron. If you happen to be following this blog and do not know who Unicron is; then you need a serious Transformer education. Unicron was first introduced in the 1986 animated feature: Transformers: The Movie. Originally conceived as the ultimate Transformer (a robot that transforms into a planet!) his role was eventually redefined in the Transformers US Marvel comic run as an anti-god to the creator of all Transformers: Primus. Unfortunately for all children of the 80's who loved Transformers Unicron was not available in toy form. A few prototypes were made, however none made it to the production phase. Fast forward to 2003; Transformers was undergoing a rebirth in the series Transformers: Armada. The big villian of the series was none other than Unicron! And fortunately for us, toy engineering had advanced to the point where an actual toy of this character could be made!

When this toy was originally released, everyone in the entire Transformers fandom went crazy. It was the figure everyone had to have. Sure the colors weren't exactly right and some of the details were off, but it was freaking Unicron! I found mine in Myrtle Beach, SC on vacation with my (then) girlfriend. I was so excited to get it home and open it, but had to drive six hours home before I could touch it (I found it while we were on the way out of town). This toy was subsequently re-released two more times in America, once under the Transformers: Energon banner as a black repaint, and once again under the Universe line in 2008. 

Then came 2010. Takara-Tomy, the company in Japan that is responsible for the Transformers brand, released a brand new version of this toy. It had a remolded head and a brand new colorscheme to match the one from the original 1986 movie. All of a sudden my 2003 Unicron was obsolete. I was on the fence for a long time about buying this toy. I knew I wanted it, but I didn't want two Unicrons in my collection. But I decided I had better go ahead and buy him before the price began to skyrocket, as I know it will do eventually. So I finally bit the bullet last month and he finally arrived the other day. This is how it looks on my shelf now:
 So finally a G1 accurate Unicron is mine. I prefer to keep him in planet form as I feel he looks more menacing. Who wouldn't want this guy?!?!


  1. It looks amazing!! where did you get the stand to hold the planet form?

    1. I picked up the stand from a guy who created a company called Brownnoize Productions. He only made about 50 I believe and was selling them on TFW. I believe he did a second run a couple of months ago but I'm not sure.

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