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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mail Call: February 27th, 2011

Another day of some good things coming in the mail, more updates to my paperwork collection bringing me to about 80% complete.

Iguanus Tech Spec
Sinnertwin Tech Spec
Quickmix Tech Spec
Action Master Blaster Tech Spec
Action Master Inferno Tech Spec
Broadside Instructions
Powermaster Optimus Instructions
Punch/Counterpunch Instructions
Nightbeat Instructions
Axer Instructions
Groundshaker Instruction
Countdown Instructions
As of today I only need 40 more instruction booklets and 66 tech specs to have a complete set. Unfortunately they are all '87 and later so they are the hardest ones to find. I'll be sending off my first batch of items to AFA on Monday and I'll send the second batch in a few weeks once funds even out some more. But due to the nature of AFA it will probably be about a month before I get anything back.

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