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Monday, February 21, 2011

Ape Shall Never Kill Ape

My five year wedding anniversary was just a little over a week ago. As a present, my wife bought me the ultimate Planet of the Apes Collection on blu-ray!
 First let me say that I love Planet of the Apes, especially the first one. When I saw it in my youth I was captured by its allegories to the human conditions of race and religion. It is just one of those movies that makes you think a little harder about the world around you and that is something I really enjoy. Second let me say this is a freaking awesome blu-ray set! Not only does it come with all five movies with tons of extra features, it includes an in-depth behind the scenes hardcover book. It is the ultimate gift for an Apes fan. I never had the fortune of owning any of the POTA movies before, I would just watch the movies when they came on TV. And now I finally get to share them with my wife who has never seen them. Of course she bought this knowing full well she would be subjected to a lot of Ape. She's a good sport.

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