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Monday, February 28, 2011

Japanese Exclusive Dinocassettes Part 1: Graphy and Noise

Since many people don't have the Dinocassettes I thought I would post some high quality pics and just give some quick background information on these interesting little Transformers.
For anyone who does not know, these little guys are very hard to come by and can be some of the most expensive Transformers that were commercially produced. They were released only in Japan near the end of the Transformers: Headmasters series and have yet to be re-issued by Hasbro/Takara or some third party (unlike the Headmaster exclusive heads). I got lucky and came across these guys in mid 2008 on eBay and was fortunate enough to win the auctions. However for Graphy (Pteranodon) and Noise (Allosaur?) they were sold loose with just their weapons. I picked up their boxes later that year (also on eBay). The idea behind these guys was really cool, but the execution leaves something to be desired. They have okay dinosaur modes, but when you combine them into the robot Decibel they turn into kind of a mess. I really like them just due to their dinosaur forms and the fact they are tapes. In America we got some dinocassettes as well, Overkill and Slugfest, so it is fun to have them all together. Well enough talk, here are the pictures!
Graphy - Pteranodon mode

Graphy - cassette mode
Noise - Allosaur mode
Noise - cassette mode
Both cassettes that form Decibel.
The combination - Decibel!

Not looking so good from the side.

Even worse from the back.

With the American release cassette combiners.

Dinocassette boxes.
Check back tomorrow for Dial and Zaur!

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