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Why "Redux"?

If you are coming to this blog for the first time you may be asking yourself: "Why is it Mostly Transformers Redux instead of just Mostly Transformers?

Originally it was just Mostly Transformers, until someone hacked my Google account about two months after I started the blog. I lost all access to the blog for quite a while (not to mention all of my other google products such as gmail). I tried to regain access, but after not hearing from Google for three days I had to assume they didn't think I was who I said I was. So I decided to set up a new Google account and re-create the blog from the ground up. I had all the pictures and I figured I could just copy the text. Fortunately since it hadn't been up long I only had around 30 or 40 posts at the time. The only thing I couldn't replicate were the original comments. So I spent about a week rebuilding the blog and decided to name it 'Redux' since that is basically what I had to do. Oddly enough, I was able to restore access to my original account not more than an hour after I had published my new blog due to me discovering an additional piece of information that convinced the Customer Support Team at Google. However I had already changed all my access to my new account so I decided to keep it rather than try to change everything back.

Since Blogger never removes blogs you can still find the original here, I have since removed all the formatting and re-directed any traffic to the new site through links. And hopefully I'll never have to do that again.