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Monday, April 2, 2012

With this comes a complete loose Beast Wars Collection

Being able to replace my failing Rattrap with Metals Rattrap at last year's Botcon I was only one other figure away from completing my loose Beast Wars collection. That remaining figure was Transmetal Megatron. Much like figures with GPS, TM Megatron is notoriously brittle, but for different reasons. Therefore it is difficult to find one today that hasn't broken in some manner. I'm proud to say my original lasted for at least eight years before it decided to snap one day in mid transformation. I also have a MISB version just for completion's sake, but my display never looked quite right with such an iconic and important character missing. The solution? Purchase the Japanese version of the figure which uses a different and stronger type of plastic and doesn't have the same breakage problems.

Purchasing this figure had actually been on my to-do list for a very long time, but because he is the only version that doesn't break and with more and more collectors accidentally breaking theirs I thought it would be a long time before I found one at a good price. Amazingly enough a MISB sample popped up on eBay a few weeks ago with a Buy-It-Now price that was an unbelievable good deal. Naturally I snatched him up. Now I can finally play with this figure without constant fear of destruction. In my opinion this is one of the best Beast Wars figures ever released because it has such solid robot and alt modes plus a clean transformation which can't be said for a lot of Beast Wars figures. Many of them are just a jumble of arms, legs, mandibles and thoraxes. Even though Predacon is a repaint of this figure and doesn't suffer from the breakage; it just isn't the same as the original TM Megatron.

Alt mode - the plastic is a little more purplish than his domestic release

Vehicle mode - a flying, skating monster!

Now I have an urge to break out my Golden Disks.


  1. Is there a way to tell the Takara from the Hasbro one?? Sometimes I worry that mine will break if I look at him too long =)

    1. Yes, there is actually a very easy way to tell. Instead of "Megatron" tampographed on right shoulder pad, the word "Destron" is there instead. Also the brown is noticeably more purple than the US version, even if you don't have them side by side.

  2. Mine says Megatron.. That was easy. Guess I should be wary of transforming him ever again.

    I have the Disc reader attached to him with the golden disc. It does look cool, but the discs are awfully heavy.

  3. I still remember the day when my original TM Megs crumbled in my hands. Pity as it was/is a great toy.

  4. Beast Wars Megatron is just awesome.. I seen one of these at a sale last summer. They wanted $15 for him, but he was missing one of his small dino arms. Now I'm thinking I should have got him as a spare. Since he didn't look like he wasn in too bad of shape really.

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