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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Botcon Time Yet Again

Wow, it is hard to believe it has been almost a year since Botcon 2011 in Pasadena. This year it is a little more convenient for most people since it is in Dallas, Texas, essentially the middle of the country rather than one of the coasts. I was betting on Chicago myself, but I guess when Fun Publications can't figure out where to go they'll just default to Texas. We'll see how this theory pans out in the future...

Unfortunately I won't be attending this year as I have too many other things going on, so I'll just be glued to my computer like most every other Transformer Fan not attending. The information comes so fast and furious these days it is easy to miss things, although last year Flywheels was texting me news before I even had heard it myself at the convention! Last year was a bit of a disappointment in the new toy department as we really didn't see anything we already didn't know about (and we didn't even get a screening of TF3!). Hopefully the upcoming convention will be a lot better since we are expecting a lot of Generations figures next year as well as the new Fall of Cybertron figures. I also hope Hasbro addresses some of the recent issues they've been having with figure distribution and creation. Assuredly FunPub will get an earful from dissatisfied fans regarding their online store and credit cards being stolen (which they have tried to backpedal and rectify after the fact).

Originally I was pretty excited about this year's figure set, but as time has gone on my interest has really waned. In fact I feel a little bit of buyer's remorse about picking it up now. I originally was anticipating the set because I already owned most of the Shattered Glass figures from 2008, but after thinking about it for a while I realized that I don't really care about Shattered Glass that much; don't get me wrong I think the idea and the fiction are great, but I just don't really want the toys taking up space that other, more desirable figures could occupy. So since Shattered Glass is at an all time high on the market (most likely due to the Botcon frenzy) I decided to sell it all off and use that money for vintage G1 =) This will be the first time I've sold any Botcon exclusive figures, but with the huge production runs lately and the lack of innovation in 2009 and this year I feel like Botcon doesn't really carry the same weight anymore. Anything post 2002 is relatively easy to find, anything '94 to '01 is much trickier. I would never consider selling off my Arcee and Tigatron, but Shattered Glass was an easy release.

So good luck to all those attending Botcon this year, I hope it is a very successful and fun convention. Personally I hope to attend the smaller, more fan-oriented Savcon convention in June with a handful of local fans. It will be interesting to compare and contrast the two :)


  1. Glad to see you've come to your senses and decided to jettison the Shattered Glass in your collection. Just think of all the glorious Japanese and European exclusives you can buy w/ the proceeds! To a certain degree that's what I did.

  2. Yes, that is absolutely the plan. More G1 money!!

  3. I'm going to jettison some Jap G1s, so there may be some use of Shattered Glass money too... heh. Just got a FM in and I need the space!