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Friday, April 6, 2012

Pipeline, Gusher and the Tanker Transport

This is more of a celebratory post than anything. I have been attempting to complete this particular G1 figure for a very long time. It was one that not only has been expensive for a while now, but I never had as a kid either. A few years ago I found a boxed Mexican sample in a local comic store which I purchased for a cool $40, but unfortunately when I got home I discovered it was missing four of the parts! These parts really don't come up very often and after two years and one Botcon of looking I finally found all four. Now they did cost me a good bit because they are so obscure, but it was still a lot cheaper than buying the entire set over again for the ridiculous prices they go for on eBay.

And so, with that purchase I am one step closer to finding all the accessories I need for my G1 collection. As of today, I am only missing one final piece for all my figures to be complete. very close.

Pipeline and Gusher

The parts I just acquired were the guns and the mounts.
These Micromaster sets have a lot of versatility. One day I am going to get them all out and build myself a Micromaster city!


  1. I too am working on completing mine. I just bought Pipline and Gusher from a guy on TFW2005 for only $10! Still lacking the guns, mounts and ramps. I had the guns on my eBay watchlist and saw they were recently sold. Guess I now know where they went! Congrats!

    1. Lol, yeah I let them slip through my fingers last time and that was about six months ago. I wasn't about to loose them again.

  2. Hey, very happy that you completed your Tanker Transport. Among the 3 Transports, this was also the one that I had the most trouble with and in fact, only some weeks ago managed to secure a complete sample. I think it is also the most 'fun' of the Transports!