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Friday, March 25, 2011

Reveal the Shield Perceptor, scientists FTW!

Close on the heels of Generations Wheeljack we have Reveal the Shield Perceptor. This is an okay figure overall, I'd say my only complaints are that his 'backpack' doesn't really lock into place and his face looks so sad! Also, he doesn't have a fast transformation. This one can take a while until you figure out the tricks. But as an update to the character I think he is great! I much prefer the mouth to the faceplate of the G1 figure.

I particularly like how he retains his arm dials. And of course the colors are spot on. However the alt mode is a little weird. I guess it is some sort of ATV tank?

G1 Perceptor's tank mode doesn't really compare well. And then of course there is the microscope mode:
 Kinda. This was the best I could come up with, to tell you the truth, the generations figure has no business being a microscope. Which is disappointing because I would have liked a good microscope mode. Oh well. This figure follows Drift and Kup in the fashion that he is actually based more on the IDW comic character than the G1 figure. Note the crosshairs on his shoulder cannon:
 Not a bad figure overall, especially if you like Perceptor. Personally I like any Transformer that fits into the scientist/medic category.
The three Autobots least likely to see some action. (take that meaning as you will)

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