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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Behold the Glorious UPS man!

Got a nice little surprise on the doorstep today:
Like I have said in the past, I don't do reviews, but I just had to show Reveal the Shield Lugnut off a little bit, he is that awesome of a figure. I was pleasantly surprised to find he's got a very stable robot mode which makes for good play and posing.
Wave to Lugnut! He'll kick your ass then make you thank him for it.
 He also puts Animated Lugnut to shame. The detail, articulation and colors just blow ol' teal and purple out of the water. Not to mention he seems a lot bigger than his counterpart.
Mr. No-fingers on the right here.
Then there is the alt mode. Oh. My. Primus. This has to be one of the best alt modes for a Transformer ever conceived. Not only does it look like a badass WWII bomber, it has a massive wingspan! Again, putting Animated Lugnut's pitiful wings to shame. This seems to me like a realistic wingspan which is rare on a Transformer. Just look how massive he is compared to Trailbreaker and Goldbug.

 Lugnut is truly huge when you transform him which makes him that much cooler. I highly recommend this toy to anyone who is on the fence about him, I am personally retconning him into G1 and as far as I am concerned, he was there at the Battle of Autobot City in 2005. He is just that cool. So that makes two new "G1-esque" figures: Drift and Lugnut. I am thoroughly impressed by Hasbro on this one, great job guys.
"Where is the hidden energon Autobot?"

"You try my master's patience."
 If Goldbug survives I'll post some pictures of him later.

*Update* Pictures for Novelty:

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