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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back from AFA!

Well I got my first set of items back from AFA the other day. Not much to say about these guys other than I am very surprised at the grades. They all came back with 80's except for Tracks which got a 75 due to the back of the box being a little crunched. Personally I didn't think they were that good, but I'm glad they did as well as they did! I could be really mean about this and post one a day, but I won't :-)

Dirge and Cyclonus still have yet to be sent off, I am just waiting a while for some funds to even out some more. I also have a complete set of sealed G2 Aerialbots that need grading, but that is probably way off in the future. Here is my AFA corner again with my new items:

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