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Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Little Fun With Photoshop

My wife is a graphic designer so she uses Photoshop quite a lot. We just got a new version of the program on the computer the other day so I decided to play around with it a bit. After going through quite a few tutorials I was able to create a nice custom image based on an old Transformers G1 TV episode. Basically this image represents what I think a movie poster would look like if the original episode "The Ultimate Doom" was released in the theaters.

Everything was created custom with the exception of Cybertron and the Optimus shadow (which was made from a Don Figueroa drawing).


  1. Any ideas what to do w/ my collection since the world is suppose to end tomorrow? I guess May 21 will be the ultimate doom for us all!

    Joking by the way...this clown (Harold Camping) actually thinks he can predict something like this?

  2. I would say spend your final few hours opening all that you haven't been able to open, thus when the time comes you will be fulfilled :)

    I wonder what Harold is going to do on the 22nd?