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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lego Sears Tower

Wow, almost a whole week without an update: things are really slow lately. This is probably due to a combination of me not spending much money because I am saving up for Botcon and no more new Generations or RTS releases. I'm not planning on buying many of Dark of the Moon toys preparing to hit stores so much of this blog will be dedicated to vintage releases for the next two years. I am, however stoked about Botcon and I'm sure I'll  have plenty to share from both the show and when I return home. In the meantime I'll continue to showcase some of my recent Lego creations just because they are a lot of fun.

After I completed the World Trade Center I still had the building bug. So based on another design by J. Spencer Rezkalla, I built the Sears Tower. Compared to the WTC, this was a piece of cake. It was a very straightforward build and I was able to complete it in just a matter of days. Enjoy the pictures!

The base still hadn't been finished at this point, compare it to the following pictures.

Street level and plaza

I still have a few other Lego creations up my sleeve, but I'll save those for later.

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  1. What's the Botcon exclusive this year and will you be getting it? And completing a Lego set in a number of days? That would just drive me bonkers!

  2. I'm surprised you don't know; the exclusive is the Animated Stunticons 5 piece set. And yes I will absolutely be getting it.

    Why would that drive you bonkers? Too slow? Keep in mind it is over 7,000 pieces.

  3. I hate uncompleted Lego sets - I just have this obsessive compulsive urge to build once I open the box. And no, I'm not a Transfan, although I'm a TFAfan. Now I'll have to go find someway to get the Botcon exclusive.

  4. Dream build. Awesome job. Any build list or instructions ? I am a novice.