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Friday, May 13, 2011

Lego Pet Shop Full Disclosure

Well I managed to complete the Pet Shop set yesterday and it turned out quite nice. I really love how Lego has started doing full interiors with these Modular Buildings starting with the Fire Brigade. It makes a real difference. This set is a little smaller than the previous two, and since it splits in to two distinct buildings (a nice feature as well!) it allows for much more customization than prior releases. The only other modular building that can really split apart is the fan-designed Market Street. This set also introduces the classic 'brownstone' style building that can be found in many cities in the Northeast United States. Overall it is a great set and really adds to a Lego street scene.

First, the Pet Shop
The rear exit/pet washing area.

Interior first floor, notice the fish in the aquarium.
Second floor apartment.
Third floor loft.
The Brownstone (I added the sailor from the Minifig series)

I also added the weightlifter from Series 2. Note the basement access.

The first floor, finally a toilet!
Second floor renovations.
Third floor storage & garden.
Another slam dunk from Lego, I eagerly await more Modular Buildings and hope the line continues for years to come!

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  1. How many hours did it take you to build this? You seem to have built it in an evening!

  2. Only about 4-5 hours. It is a lot easier when you have all the parts you need right in front of you with instructions. Such was not the case with the Sears Tower and WTC.