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Monday, May 23, 2011

Collection Pics Update!

Well I finally got around to finishing the next leg of my collection pictures: 2002 through 'The Movie Era'

There is one final section that I need to photograph to have my entire collection complete: Botcon, Classics and Animated figures. I decided to give these figures their own section since they are going to continue to expand in the future. If I do buy Prime toys I will probably lump them into this section. Man, these pictures were so much easier when I could do it by year, but if I did that all the Classics figures would be spread out over five years and that just doesn't seem right.

I'll try to have it completed before I have to leave for Botcon in a week so I can start showcasing all the new stuff I know I'll be obtaining :)


  1. I can't wait for the animated pics. BTW, are you getting both the American toys and the Japanese "repaints"?

  2. I usually don't get the Japanese figure if it is just a straight repaint. However sometimes I will substitute a Japanese figure for its American counterpart if the paint job is better. I still need to get Blackout though.

  3. I saw one going for $45 on ebay recently. I have no idea if that is cheap or not.