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Thursday, April 14, 2011

TLC is actively looking for Transformer Collector to feature on a new Reality Show

According to a recent post on TFW2005, television producers are looking for a Transformer collector to be featured on a new show about 'Collections'. You can see the original post here. If you know anything about TLC or have watched any of their shows in the past five years you know that the channel has very little to do with Learning anymore and is more about showcasing the lives of people that probably shouldn't be on television.

Let me say first off this isn't something that interests me. I realize the irony in someone who writes a public blog about Transformers not wanting to have a chance to talk about them on television but I am typically a very private person. Plus, there is no telling how reality tv producers would portray a toy collector. My fear is that they would be unfairly shown in a negative light in order to garnish ratings. Something akin to people being shown as obsessive to the extreme. Even the description of the person they are looking for hints at this:

We are not looking for your common collector, though. We want someone who lives and breathes for Transformers. Not someone who just ha one case or even one room dedicated to their collection, but rather someone whose collection has infiltrated every room.
They are obviously looking for someone who is not what I would consider a normal fan, they are looking for the extreme cases. There are some very nice collections out there, but I don't know of anyone who (publicly anyway) has revealed that their entire house is taken over by Transformers. I also can't see how anyone like that could be portrayed in anything but a negative light on national TV. I'm sure there are more than enough parents out there who think collecting toys means you are some sort of pedophile.

However, if the producers were actually interested in producing a show about real people and how Transformers were a part of their lives (not their whole lives) I would be completely fine with that. But based on the track record thus far, I don't have high hopes.

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