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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cliffjumper is finally complete! Devilhorns custom kit has arrived.

When Classics Cliffjumper was originally released he was done as a straight up repaint of Classics Bumblebee. At the time this wasn't a problem because Hasbro had put their resources into remolding the seeker mold to accommodate Ramjet, Cliffjumper's wave-mate. And I much preferred a more accurate Ramjet to a more accurate Cliffjumper.
However as time went on I became dissatisfied with the Bumblebee lookalike. The excellent third party company Fansproject had produced a replacement that came with a few extra parts but by the time I found out about their product it was sold out everywhere. It didn't help that they limited it to 300 produced. There are a few stores that sell the set today but because of the low production run the cost of the set is usually $279 or more. For essentially a head and a couple of guns. There is no way.

So I was able to purchase a custom head from a fellow TFW2005 member in early 2008. It wasn't perfect and I had to paint it myself, but it was a better solution than the original head and paying out the ass for the Fansproject version.

"For some reason I can't see you very well"
I thought I matched the paint pretty well myself, but I was always dissatisfied with how small Cliffjumper's actual face was. Plus over time, the two halves of the head didn't stay together well anymore. Many people said that you could use the head from the WFC Cliffjumper as a good replacement, but the colors were still slightly off. I bought a WFC Cliffjumper intending to do exactly this, but once I had him decided I liked him as he was and kept him with my other WFC toys.

Enter the Devilhorns Custom Kit in 2011. Finally another third party company had decided to fill the gap left open by Fansproject and produced a new set complete with head, gun and cannon. The set was a little pricey at $30, but I figured it was better than $300 and I really wanted my Cliffjumper to be complete. So I bit the bullet.

Face details!
Overall I am much happier with this purchase; the head is more detailed, molded in the correct color and feels much more finished than my prior head. My only complaint is that it is molded in a way that doesn't let Cliffy look up, but that is a minor, minor concern. The extra guns are nice too.

So after almost five years of dealing with a head issue on Cliffjumper the problem is solved. Now my OCD brain can rest a little easier.
Ready for action!


  1. Do you know anything about Fans project upgrades?

  2. Sure, they are high quality and generally regarded as the best third-party products on the market. They are usually available through online retailers such as Big Bad Toy Store and TFSource. I highly recommend them, the engineering is superb.