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Saturday, April 30, 2011

An overload of Star Trek

In addition to Transformers I am a huge Star Trek fan. Not the type of fan who owns his own Starfleet uniform, but the type than can tell you the name of Captain Archer's dog or in what episode Data laughed. So the other day I happened to find a huge lot of Star Trek: The Magazines for sale. These magazines came out from 1999 until around 2004 or 2005 and contained a huge amount of information about the shows, cast, technical data, production notes and tons of other stuff. They normally retailed for about $8 or $9 but included very few advertisements, which is rare. I purchased a few of these off the shelves back in the day just for the vast amount of info they contained. So when I came across this lot I knew I could not pass it up; 34 magazines for $35! I snatched that bad boy up like nobody's business! In fact, it cost just as much to ship as it did to purchase, so essentially I got 34 magazines for $2 apiece! I snapped a quick picture, this wasn't all of them just a sampling.
You could say I am one happy fan.

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