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Monday, April 4, 2011

Reveal the Shield Windcharger

I was really lucky to get this guy. If it weren't for the great communication system on TFW2005 and a little luck in the timing I would have completely missed out. Apparently Windcharger has been the most difficult Transformer to obtain out of the recent Reveal the Shield and Generations lines followed closely by Grapple. But fortunately I was able to order him just in time off Hasbro Toy Shop and he arrived on Saturday!
I really enjoyed playing with this figure. It has been a while since I bought a Scout class figure so I kinda forgot how big they tend to be, I was really expecting more of a Legend class. So Windcharger sits firmly between a Legend and a Deluxe in size which is perfect for his character. Out of all the G1 Minibots that have received an update, I feel like Windcharger is the best and most accurate, mostly because of the choice of his size class. Bumblebee and Cliffjumper were both released in Deluxe and Legend, Brawn was Legend and Huffer (Botcon Exclusive) was a scout but because he was a repaint of another character he doesn't work as well. Other than the Alternators Overdrive-turned-Windcharger this is the first update this character has received in 25 years and he is well worth it!
Nice solid robot mode.

Great new muscle car alt mode.

Windcharger and his predecessor.

Flip out guns!

The '84 Minibot cast to date.

Notice how Windcharger's vehicle mode seems to be just the right size.

The entire 1984 cast minus one!
 So we only need one more update figure (Gears) to have a complete 1984 Autobot set. They all may not be in the correct scale (coughTrailbreakercough), but at least we have them. It has been almost five full years since this line started way back in October 2006 so I imagine we'll have the last member well before another five years passes.

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