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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

90's Kenner Catalogs

When I was authoring my About Me page the other day I began to get sentimental about earlier days in my youth so I started going through some old papers and pictures. While I was going through everything I happened to find some old Kenner catalogs that showcased some late G2 and Beast Wars figures. I'm not sure when Hasbro moved the Transformers brand to their Kenner department, but I think it was around 1994 and that would explain why the catalogs I have are 1995-1998. I also believe Kenner was fully integrated into Hasbro by '98 so there wouldn't be too many catalogs past that point.

These catalogs didn't just showcase Transformers, but all boy's lines being offered at the time. They are mostly populated with Batman, Nerf, Star Wars, Gargoyles, Mortal Combat, Starting Lineup and tons of others. I kept them because they reminded me of the G1 catalogs in some small form. So I thought I'd scan in the Transformers pages since they applied to my interest, I may get around to the other pages one day if I ever get that much time.
1995, Not much here...

1996, yay Beast Wars!

1997, yay more Beast Wars!

1998, long freaking catalog!

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