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Monday, April 29, 2013

An Interesting Variant, 16 Megatron

I know it must seem like Tombstone around here; I hate not being to update as often but when something truly special comes along I have to just make the time. I love variants, especially when they are Japanese G1 variants, and just like 48 Astrotrain, 16 Megatron has some very drastic differences from the American release. Drastic enough to warrant a purchase? Damn straight.

I've had this guy on my radar for a while and one popped up last week that was probably in the best condition I have ever seen. Sealed paperwork and missiles, tight joints, no wear...what else could you ask for?

So just to give a little history I am sure most people know that Megatron was originally a Microman figure. The figure that was released in America with the extended barrel, stock and sight was actually the Microman U.N.C.L.E. version, taken from the fact that the television show The Man from U.N.C.L.E. that aired in the 1970's had a similar pistol with all the extensions. This version also obviously has red plastic on the inside of the arms and legs and a chrome finish. However for some reason Takara repackaged the original Gun Robo P-38 Microman figure as Megatron in the initial run. This version did not come with any weapon extensions (including Megatron's arm cannon!) and only included the sword and chrome gun as you see here. This variant is also notable for having the blue plastic inside the arms and legs of the figure and a flat grey finish to the chest and arms. It is also interesting to note the packaging art is completely different from the standard art but still features the red plastic on the inside of the legs and arms! Craziness I tell you. Even the factory stickers on the inside of the legs are different.


In fact, the entire shoulder piece is a remold.
This figure has been re-released recently by e-hobby as Megaplex, however that version still comes with all the weapon extensions and the Fusion Cannon. You'll notice this version doesn't even have the attachment to hold the cannon. How disappointed would you be if you were some little kid in Japan and you got Megatron but he didn't have is Fusion Cannon! Oh well, that little kid's loss is our gain because I love this thing. It is just a fresh breath of air to a figure I have known so well for over twenty-five years.

That's another one off my list.

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  1. I love looking at the blogs of all the bigtime collectors. Seriously, so much history. I had seen the Megaplex Megatron, but didn't realize that it was based in this variant. Congrats on the purchase and good luck on getting all of the other Japanese exclusives.

    1. Thanks, I think it will be taking me a long, long time. But variants are so much fun I just couldn't resist nabbing this guy before going after a few of the other big guns.

  2. Nice piece!!! cool version! I always want to have this figure, saldy, i have to accept the e-hobby version :-D

  3. Cool! I've emailed you some thoughts buddy.

    1. Looks like it may end up being an interesting discovery!

  4. I so wish the internet existed when I owned this same piece. Congrats on a truly awesome addition to your collection.