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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eject and Rewind: Cassettes no longer

In my massive third party acquisition were two figures I had completely forgotten about: Perfect Effect's Ejector and Rewinder. These tiny little guys were added to my order at the last minute to help balance out the Decepticon "cassettes" as I knew I would be purchasing Rumble and Frenzy sometime in the future. I use the word cassettes loosely since none of these figures transform into cassettes anymore. Anyway, I thought they would be a nice addition since we don't have an abundance of post '85 homages and these two are unlikely to be candidates anyway. Amazingly I still have my G1 Eject and Rewind from my childhood in relatively good condition. Although I had a lot of G1 figures as a kid only about half survived in displayable condition. It is very cool to have updates of these guys although I do miss the cassette gimmick. So now they transform into cannons, targetmasters of a sorts I guess. They can be mounted or held by your other classics figures. There isn't really a whole lot to say about these guys, they are pretty simple and they are good updates to Eject and Rewind. Perhaps one day we'll get a decent Blaster for these guys to call home.


***Edit*** Adding pictures for Novelty:

The figures fit in pretty much any standard size peg such as a hand.

They also can be pegged into the shoulders of City Commander.
But pretty much anyone can hold them.


  1. Which figures would they fit into the fists of? Could you please show some pictures?