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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

United Frenzy and Rumble - The Street Punks Return!

Ok, this was a total impulse buy. I knew I wanted these guys for a while because they are part of the original Decepticon lineup, but I was just going to wait for the domestic releases. And then Robotkingdom restocked and my impatient self kicked in. I decided since it will probably be a while before Generations ramps back up I would just go ahead and pick them up while I could. I know they will be released here eventually, but just like with Generations Red Alert I didn't want to wait.

They are great little updates of the classic characters that we haven't gotten in any official capacity yet (other than the Alternators Rumble a few years ago). Their new alt modes are tanks and fortunately their robot modes incorporate the pile-driver action that made these two so popular in the past. In fact, one of the main gimmicks I wanted more than anything was for my original Rumble and Frenzy to have transforming arms to form the pile-drivers. But alas, I would have to wait over 25 years to get my wish. I guess that says something for my patience. Or then again maybe not since I really didn't have a choice.
The two Pile Drivers.
Pop Quiz: Frenzy is what color?
Alt modes
Predecessor pic
The yellow squares on the chests are a nice homage.
Alt mode comparison. Hmmm...which is more threatening?
The past and the present.


  1. I wanted to pull the trigger on this set...until I saw the price. I'll wait and hope Hasbro gets up off their duff and releases both domestically.

  2. I figured since I got such a good deal on Windcharger, Grapple and Lugnut I could afford to splurge a little with these guys. Plus, after the RTS fiasco I am preordering everything online from now on. I don't plan to do any more store hunting for figures I really want. When these guys do come out domestically they are going to be hot, at least for the first few months.

  3. Store hunting hardly ever works out for me so I pre-ordered these guys when they first listed last fall. The motto seems to be buy now or pay more later with everything =(

    I'm quite happy with them, they look great. And they have the pile drivers =)