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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dark of the Moon Skyhammer

To round out my "Dark of the Moon" themed week we have the recently released Voyager class Skyhammer. So far this is the only DOTM figure that I have actually been interested in due to his interesting transformation. Most helicopter transformers remove the blades and convert them into swords or fold them together to hang off the figure somewhere. Not this guy. His blades are firmly integrated into the transformation, and it is quite a fun one. He also doesn't necessarily have a 'movie only' look like most of the figures do. He could easily fit into the Cybertron or Energon line. And that is probably where I will put him, since I don't have much space for movie figures. There may be a few other DOTM figures I purchase before they are out of stores, but they will be few and far in between.

This guy has a nice helicopter mode. Very futuristic.
Robot mode.
I would have posed G1 Skyhammer with him for comparison if I weren't  so terrified that I might break the G1 figure by moving him. So, DOTM Skyhammer gets to hog the camera.

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