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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beast Wars Revisited: Part 4 of 5

I had the good fortune of obtaining some nice vintage Japanese Beast Wars last week so I thought I might be a good idea to do a mini-series on them. There is nothing really spectacular about any of these figures other than the fact they are different from their domestic release counterparts and thus interesting to me.

Part 4: Beast Wars Neo D-30 Saberback

Saberback is another one of those figures that I never really desired to own because I already had his mold as it was released in the Beast Machines Dinobot line, much like Archadis. Not to mention it was released two more times; once in the 2003 Universe line and again in the 2004 Armada: Dinobots line. So for the longest time I figured I really didn't need this guy. However when I discovered what a bargain he could be (probably due to so many domestic releases) I decided to go ahead and nab him.

And I am glad I did, the only real difference between him and prior releases is his color scheme and his 'Destron/Predacon' spark crystal which is not present in any of the other releases. But I like being able to bolster my Neo Destron troops some more. While this guy can be a bit of a pain to transform due to him being a 'shellformer'; he does have a very interesting robot mode that distinguishes him from most other Neo releases. His headdress, skull amulet, and loincloth all callback to Aztec or Central American designs which makes sense since he is an expert in black magic. It makes for a very cool looking toy which has been diminished due to multiple releases.

He also comes with this cool tail weapon that looks like a lotus of some sort
He's got a great alt mode with some nice paint apps!
All four releases together
Which one doesn't belong?

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