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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Giant Galaxy Shuttle!

I've been putting this off since Botcon. I purchased Galaxy Shuttle during the convention and was insanely terrified about shipping him home. Fortunately he arrive without a scratch, but I immediately put him into a glass case and left him there. A few days ago I decided it was time to finally showcase him a little since he can be hard to find. Shortly after I finished taking the pictures I decided on the spur of the moment my entire room and collection needed reorganizing. But that's another story.

Galaxy Shuttle is a G1 figure, but a Japanese only release during the Victory line in 1989. Unfortunately he had no counterpart in the US which makes him much sought after. He also is very prone to yellowing from the sun and thus many pure white examples no longer exist. In fact mine is a little yellowed, but it is hardly noticeable. In the show he literally is a shuttle that ferries the Cybertrons (read: Autobots) wherever they need to go and thus he doesn't really do much throughout the series. However he is massive and apparently doesn't mass-shift like Astrotrain, Blast-Off or Sky-Lynx. For some reason the Cybertrons don't ever really use his size to their advantage and Galaxy Shuttle remains in the background for much of the show. The toy itself is also quite large and is designed to be placed on the micromaster base Countdown in place of the rocket. It actually looks pretty cool with a shuttle there ready for lift-off. I imagine a couple of little Japanese kids; one with Countdown, one with Galaxy Shuttle, combining their forces to defeat the evil Destrons (read: Decepticons). If I lived in Japan in 1989 I would have totally wanted this guy for Christmas.

Bus, I mean shuttle mode.
With his companion Holi! (not really, its just Stakeout)
Too big for my light box.
Still too big.
Yes, the box is a little worn.
See! The back of the box even shows you how to play with it. Any other way and you're doing it wrong.


  1. That's awesome. Looks very cool on the launch pad.

  2. Very nice!!

    What? You're reorganizing your toy room? You can't! You've got to help me first!

  3. This is an awesome piece, yum. It's a pity he was such a non-character in the Victory cartoon series.

  4. Nice one with the Zone box! He is dope but agreed he could have been a menacing Cybertron as he seemed to be in the intro, layin' it down on Dinoking!!

  5. Very nice. Love Galaxy Shuttle, mine is on it's way, reading some reviews in anticipation