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Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's that? More Tech Specs in a dead Tech Spec market?

The past few months have been really dry in the tech spec arena. The driest that I have encountered recently. It seemed like in the beginning of the year there was tons of stuff to choose from but lately there hasn't been anything! It also doesn't help that I am only 27 specs away from completing my collection; so naturally there aren't as many to buy. And of course all the ones I need are from the final two years of G1 which are the hardest to find.

But there is some light at the end of the tunnel! An independent company called Atomic Laser has begun reproducing all the tech specs from G1, starting with 1984. However they aren't just reproducing them, they are fixing all the errors, standardizing all the text and prettying up the pictures so they all look nice and similar. As a bonus they are starting to create tech specs for figures that never received them in the past, such as the Omnibots and the Powerdashers. Since I already have all of the original tech specs they have created, I was only interested in their new ones, which I promptly ordered.

Upon receiving these in the mail I can certainly understand why they've decided to do this. Each spec is very nicely printed on glossy cardstock, and looks very professional. When I lined them up with my existing specs they fit in very nicely. So for $16 I was able to get 9 previously unavailable tech specs that I could add to my collection which is certainly worth the price (since most vintage ones cost at least $5 apiece). Hopefully Atomic Laser will continue to make specs for characters that never got them originally, I will definitely be the first in line.


  1. Not thick at all, basically it is printed on heavy paper that has been laminated, so it is pretty flimsy and could crease easily. But it is nice and glossy. Nowhere near as sturdy as the originals though.