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Monday, October 3, 2011

Spaced: The TV Show

My first thoughts upon watching this show were: "How the hell did I miss this?"

I consider myself a pretty big geek, and I like to think I have my finger on the pulse of the geek world. And I don't mean in that trendy "Big Bang Theory" way, but in a "I enjoy intelligent writings, conversation and giant robots" kind of way. So I found myself shocked when I watched Spaced for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't understand how I had missed such an excellent show especially when it was basically about everything I tend to enjoy. The show originally aired in 1999 (series 1) and 2001 (series 2) in England so I'm not surprised I didn't see the originals, but to have missed it for 10+ years since is insane! It's like finding out your house had a secret room that everyone else knew about but you.

And an awesome secret room it is.

First of all, the writing is top notch. Throw in a bunch of pop culture references that appeal to my generation and some great actors and you have something special. Unfortunately there were only 14 episodes completed, but as far as this show goes it is all about quality, not quantity. They have packed more into 14 episodes than most shows pack into 50. And the appeal! It is as if you were watching you and your friends act out these scenes, because this show is so relatable. I swear they have a device that has seen into my mind and stolen my ideas for episodes.

So now I can say I am a fully fledged Spaced fan, and will be for life. In just two episodes I saw a Back to the Future reference, a Jurassic Park reference, and Robocop reference. If that isn't running the gamut I don't know what is.

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