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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Beast Wars Revisited: Part 7 of 5

Ok, I swear this is the last one. And he doesn't even really fit with the theme of straight repaints since he is a remold, but he is too cool not to include in this little miniseries.

Beast Wars Neo: D-39 Killer Punch

Killer Punch can be one of the most difficult Beast Wars Neo toys to find since he (along with Survive) were released at the tail end of the line. Final releases are notorious for being shortpacked and his price point proves it. Usually it is difficult to obtain him for anywhere less than $60. His price is also driven by being a unique remold that has not ever been repainted or re-released.

Killer Punch is remolded from Guiledart, originally a Triceratops. Since the Triceratops and Styracosaurus share similar body types and only different heads it made sense to remold the figure. However I really like Killer Punch a lot more than the Triceratops mold because he comes with a few new features. First and foremost he can fire his skull from his hand like some sort of flying shield and he has an awesome sword hidden in his tail. Just like the Triceratops mode he has 'battle damage' that reveals bone and sinews if so desired. I believe this was a response to the then highly popular Jurassic Park toys whose dinosaurs had the same sort of play feature.

His bio defines him as an information gatherer, a sneaky sort of operative. I must admit I don't get that vibe from the figure; he seems more like an Attilla the Hun sort of character, maybe it is the face. At any rate, I am glad I was finally able to add him to my BW: Neo Destron forces.

I wonder if there ever were any purple Styracosaurus
Battle damage
I love how this looks

He can carry his 'head' on his back sort of like Captain America
Other than the head and the tail they are pretty much identical.
I do wish the Triceratops head was removable though, it gets in the way!

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