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Friday, October 7, 2011

It's Time for some Mini Mates!

It is very unusual for me to buy toys that aren't either Transformers or Lego. However I was in Toys R Us the other day and could not pass this up. The Back to the Future Part II DeLorean with Doc Brown Mini-mate. I actually have collected most of the other Back to the Future mini-mates (because BTTF is another one of my passions), but this is the first one to come with a vehicle that I am aware of. The DeLorean itself is super-deformed, almost like something you would see in Japan. However it does have working gull-wing doors and rolls along, even though the wheels don't fold up like I thought they did when I purchased it (there are tiny rolling wheels on the underside that allow it to roll around on the ground without scraping the bottom).

This little set also comes with a small sticker sheet so you can add some much needed detail to the vehicle. The outside stickers are fine, but the ones for the inside are tiny, difficult to place and mostly just a pain in the ass. I had to actually unscrew the bottom of the car and take it apart to get the stickers on the inside. I guess that is the curse of having grown-up: I no longer have tiny hands with which to manipulate small things.

Overall I really like how the DeLorean looks, it fits into the mini-mate universe nicely. I guess now I'll have to break a few more of them out so Doc can have a passenger.

He fits pretty well!
Can you see the tiny Flux Capacitor?
The detailing on all the time machine parts is pretty accurate.
Except they neutered Mr. Fusion.

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