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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lego Mini Rockefeller Center - Architecture Series

Since Borders Bookstore is having a fire sale due to the company going out of business I popped in the other day to see if I could snag anything at a good price. I originally had about four Harry Potter Lego Sets in my hands but I decided to put them back since they all were a complete impulse buy. But what an impulse buy that would have been; I almost walked out with Hogwarts, Hagrid's Hut, The Hogwart's Express and Hogwart's gates. Fortunately I came to my senses. Instead I moseyed on over to the games and decided to buy the Rockefeller Center Architecture model instead. It has a lot of neat pieces and wasn't too expensive, especially with the sale. (I almost bought Fallingwater too but decided against it; I'm such an emotional buyer!)

It was a fun little build and was amazingly accurate to the real thing. This is the first Architecture set I have purchased since the skyscrapers I usually build are in a much larger scale. I'm not sure I would spend my money on any others though because they just don't have the detail I am looking for in a Lego model. I feel like Lego models can be very, very accurate, down to the tiniest detail if you are innovative enough. Lego and Adam Reed Tucker did a nice job with this set, it is just a little small for my tastes.

Although you do get a very nice book describing the history and construction of the buildings which is a nice little bonus. I liked it at least.

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