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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Terrorcons and the Beach

Since the end of summer is quickly approaching it is about time for my annual trip to the beach. This used to be a constant in my young life; my family would always go to the beach in August as kind of a "farewell" to the summer season before school began. In my adult life I unfortunately lost this trend. My wife and I started going in December or March when the area was a lot less crowded for a weekend or so. But all that changed last year when good friends of ours decided to get married at the beach. It was a week-long excursion with all their friends and family, and everyone stayed in a couple of houses right on the beach. It was so much fun they decided to do it again this year and we promptly signed up. So for the second year in a row I'll be going to the beach in late summer again and it brings up so many good memories.

Predominantly in my head are the memories of two G1 Terrorcons: Cutthroat and Rippersnapper. I remember getting these way back in 1987 at the beach and toting them around everywhere I went. There are even a few pictures around to prove it. It is so odd, occasionally when I look at them now, all those memories will come flooding back to me. I still have my original terrorcons, and they show a little wear, but they are part of my G1 display now. It is strange for me to think about originally purchasing these figures all those years ago and they are still part of my life today. I guess I'm nothing if not nostalgic.

My original Cutthroat with my 'new' AFA version.

Looking at these figures still in the packaging really takes me back.

Rippersnapper with his sealed counterpart.


  1. Your post reminds me of when I got G1 Drag Strip and Wildrider...except I wasn't at the beach...I was sitting in the waiting room @ Firestone Automotive Center at the Park Road shopping center.

  2. TERRORCONS RULE! Though I think I like your originals more than your AFA ones. ;)

  3. Colbey - did you get them at the same time in order to keep you placated?

    Botch - As do I, but the AFA's represent mine as they were when they were first acquired. Almost like they are the same toy at two different periods in time. Deep stuff man, deep.

  4. I still remember hunting for these back in 87. Good times!

  5. Reminds me of coming home with my parents from a trip. And playing with my new G1 Grimlock and Canadian Slag in the backseat of the car.. I wish I still had my Slag these days. The black one I have now still looks wrong to me..

  6. Yes. My dad knew we'd be sitting in the waiting room for awhile so he wanted to make sure I had something to keep me occupied. Something about me talking his ears off as a kid...