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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thoughts on Shmax

As a result of me purchasing insurance for my Transformers Collection (see my previous post) I thought it would be prudent to organize and catalog everything I have in case there is a loss. Enter Shmax. I have been a member of this website for a long time, since only a few months after it was created. I thought it was a great way to keep track of everything I have. However in the past seven months or so I have sold and bought a lot of stuff and there has been a ton of turnover. And unfortunately I hadn't been keeping up on Shmax like I should have been. So I decided to start from scratch again. I wanted to get a fresh start because on Shmax there is an option that lists what condition each of your items is currently in and the default is Sealed. When I first became a member of the site and put all of my information in that wasn't an option, but since I didn't really update all of the items I had already entered, 79% of my collection was now listed as sealed, when in fact it is mostly loose and opened. So I figured I would have to go back through at least 79% of the items anyway, why not start again from the beginning and do it right.

So now I have a completely updated collection on Shmax. In fact I will be putting my own "dynamic signature" on this blog sometime soon. I must caution you though, there is one small drawback (at least for me) to Shmax: it makes you want to amass more and more transformers. The website assigns you a 'rank' based on how many figures you have relative to all the other users on the site. While I was updating everything I found myself thinking I should have kept more of my Armada figures so I could add them to my total and increase my rank. And then I came to my senses, the reason I have sold off so much stuff over the past year is because I am streamlining. I don't want more stuff! My philosophy now is firmly quality over quantity. So beware; you may find yourself trying to find ways to up your figure count to bump up your rank and not even realize you are doing it.

Although I do wonder how many more it will take for me to get inside the top 20...


  1. So, what rank are you?!?! I'm currently #30. You're right, it does make you want more. I hate that I've now started tracking how much I paid for each toy. It's a great feature...if you don't add up all the money you've spent!

  2. Wow, I'm number 212. Looking at the cost estimate must be the least fun thing in the stats windows =)

  3. @The Purple Knight: I actually like the cost estimate because it helps me figure out a value for insurance purposes. And knowing how much I've spent actually makes me feel a little better; whereas if I didn't know how much I've spent I would probably overestimate and then worry that I might have spent too much.

    @Colbey: Wouldn't you like to know ;-)

  4. It's not like I've added much to the collection recently, but when I updated it today I noticed I've been bumped up to #25?

  5. Thanks for the blurb! Glad you're enjoying We're busy redesigning the ranking system so that there will be a variety of different ways to compare collections. Don't be shy about making suggestions in the forums, we read 'em every day...