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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Classics Special Edition: Overkill

Overkill has always been a bottom-rung character. He only got one appearance in the U.S. Cartoon, no appearances in the Marvel comics from what I remember, and very little in the way of fan characterization. However it seems that anytime a Grimlock repaint is required, Overkill fits the bill nicely. This special edition (SE) classics figure does just that.

The SE Classics were initially released for the non-Japanese Asian market but were eventually made available through Hasbro Toy Shop. Also in the wave was a repainted Mirage as Drag Strip, Optimus Prime in a semi-unique color scheme and Tank Megatron in a colorscheme that matched his G1 look. Overkill is a direct repaint of Classics Grimlock and the only one of the four figures that actually interested me. And frankly the only reason I actually wanted him was for another Decepticon for my Classics display since my sides are a little uneven. So I never really put a lot of effort into obtaining him, but I happened to find one at Botcon for a good price.

The box is really nice.
Yup, here he is.
At least now he has a robot mode...
...vs just having a cassette mode. Vintage Overkill here is in his robot mode.

With Grimlock and Shattered Glass Grimlock.
They all look pretty good together!
So that's another one off the bucket list, but much like Weirdwolf he was purchased more out of necessity than actual desire.

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  1. I bought all 4 of these "Special Editions" when they went on sale @ HTS. Overkill was my least favorite of the group. I too bought him out of necessity.