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Friday, July 22, 2011

Dark of the Moon Space Case

Ever since the Generation 2 Redux Botcon 2010 set was announced last year I have been on alert for any figures that might fit into the updated G2 category. Obviously Space Case fits since he is a direct homage of the original G2 Cyberjet Space Case. Unfortunately he seems to be the only G2 inspired figure in the entire DOTM line. Also from this point forward I will no longer refer to him as a DOTM figure, but a G2 Redux figure instead since that is what I believe Hasbro had in mind for this guy.

Space Case is a repaint of the Hunt for the Decepticons figure Terradive with a new head mold that evokes the original Cyberjet feeling a little. It is basically just an updated head that makes a little more sense than the original triangular visor that the first figure had. Oddly enough this is the second Cyberjet homage we have gotten in the past few years; Skyjack was the first who himself was a repaint of Generations Silverbolt. If we could just get a good Hooligan it would be enough for a Cyberjet party!

This is a really fun figure overall; one of the best aspects is that he transforms in a way that leaves very little kibble anywhere on the body. I wish all transformations could be this clean. He also has some very interesting engineering in the nosecone which makes for a few cool surprises during the transformation. Lastly, his arms transform in a way that calls back to G2 Smokescreen as well as Energon Starscream.

The Cyberjets were always really fun little toys and I am glad Hasbro hasn't forgotten them even after all these years. I would call this toy absolutely perfect if it weren't for one small detail: THE TATOOS!!! Ah well, maybe I can repaint him.

Cyberjets are back, baby!
With his G2 Counterpart.
The vehicle modes match up almost perfectly.

1 comment:

  1. I agree the tattoos are a let down. I don't know why Hasbro is so insistant on putting them all over their TFs.