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Monday, February 27, 2012

Transformers Prime Bulkhead, alone in America

This was not an easy purchase. Just finding someone off eBay willing to sell me a Bulkhead was a chore in itself and then the task of trying to decide if I wanted to pay a little extra for this version or just go with the darker green Takara release. In the end I decided I'd rather go with what was supposed to be the domestic release since I already had all of the other domestic First Edition figures. I also tend not to like the Takara stuff as much since it is usually a lot flashier with sparkling paint, chrome or whatnot and I didn't want my Bulkhead to stand out like a sore thumb. In the end I didn't really pay that much more than what the Takara version would have cost me anyway and I'm really happy with 'ol Bulky here. He is definitely one of the better engineered figures I have seen recently. My only gripe is that he isn't a leader class (or larger) figure because he is barely taller than any of the other deluxe figures due to his stout nature. However this is a Transformers figure I am talking about and even just mentioning scale is an effort in futility so I'll just leave it there.

He has some awesome pose-ability which I am not showcasing very well.

I put Prime Bulkhead up against the last Bulkhead figure I bought: Animated Leader Class Bulky! There is an interesting dichotomy between these two: Animated is a large vehicle that compacts down into a smaller (but still sufficiently large) robot mode. By contrast the Prime figure is a very compact vehicle that expands into a larger robot! The Prime vehicle mode is barely larger than a deluxe, but his robot is very robust (heh, robust robots; sounds like a Daft Punk song). But look at that, I'm getting into that whole scale mess again.

My favorite part about the Prime figure has to be that he is so 'round'! I wasn't a fan of the Bulkhead character when he first appeared on Animated; but throughout that show I grew to love him and the Prime version just takes him to a whole new level. In fact, I find myself wanting a Classics version of Bulky to retcon back into the G1 universe like Lugnut or Drift. Even though he was probably the most expensive Voyager figure I have bought, he was definitely worth it.

Maybe the scale isn't so far off after all :)

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