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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The final figure: White Headmaster Shuffler

Saved the best for last. You would think that because Shuffler is the hardest to find of the color versions of the Headmaster Warriors that he would be the hardest to find of the white ones as well. But according to Shmax at least two other people have white Shufflers while no one else has white Rodney or Trizer which I find odd. Especially because I haven't been able to obtain a regular Shuffler myself yet. At any rate, here he is, in all his glory:

Something else that distinguishes the KO Shuffler from the real one, the trunk doesn't fold down as far when he is in elephant mode on the KO. I assume it is a mold deterioration issue but I'm not sure.

KO on the left, original on the right

Since I don't have an original Shuffler yet, I compared the white version to the color KO. You'll notice on the color KO the trunk doesn't fold down as far either.

So that is it. Four of the six extremely hard to find white Headmaster Warriors.

Rodney, Lione, Trizer, Shuffler

I'll always keep an eye out for the other two (Kirk and Loafer) however I doubt I will find them anytime soon and probably not at the unbelievable price that I was able to get these for. In fact, I do remember seeing one of these guys on eBay a few years back, I think it was Rodney, up for 3/4 of what I paid for all four of these guys. I don't remember if it sold or not and that was before the KO's hit the market but that was a lot of coin for one small figure.

Maybe Heroic Decepticon can hook me up if he ever finds any in his travels ;-)

On another note this post marks the one year anniversary of this blog, yay! Actually it is the one year anniversary of 'Mostly Transformers' but since that site was hacked I am celebrating it anyway. My very first blog post was on 2/19/11, but I back-dated a few posts from that day. I thought that it was only fitting I celebrate the one year anniversary of my blog with something as special as White Shuffler. I'd like to thank everyone who has read and participated in my blog, hopefully you have enjoyed it as much as I have. Here's to another great year!


  1. It's been a year already since you started blogging? Wow! Where has the time gone?

  2. I know, right? I can hardly believe it myself, but its been a great ride so far and I really enjoy doing it!

  3. *speechless*
    *falls off chair*

  4. Man you got one of my favorites, if not favorite figures or should I say heads haha!! I saw one a while ago for about $800 and was very tempted- rent, bills, insurance etc..? Or Shuffler?.. White Shuffler even?!! That was my predicament at the time and I didn't feel like moving out and couldn't fit all my TFs in my car so... I opted out. I have regreted it since and paid more for easier to get bots but why didn't I just have the money!! I guess it was the Greatshot and Blackshadow I bought just before I saw him, so I really couldn't feel that bad. Haha!
    Killer score and I hope to find another but your great blog and pictures help ease the pain! Thanks.

    1. I'd say Greatshot and Blackshadow were great investments! This was probably the same one you saw on eBay, I contacted the seller after none of them sold and he sold all of them to me for a great deal! I was like you though, I was so tempted to bid but I just couldn't justify paying that price. Thankfully it all worked out though!

  5. Killer!! At least a good collector (yourself)who takes pics and shares got them! I was going to message about them when they didn't sell too!! Yeah I am happy with my Greatshot and Blackshadow they are both really nice and MIB complete, I am just waiting for Blue Bacchus to show up at my door next week I hope, MIB unbroken complete and in what looks to be great condition, I am thinking about doing some youtube reviews of my rarer bots but I also don't like to transform my Transformers very much due to loosening the joints, but I guess for reviews sake it would be worth it as I could check the vids whenever I feel like seeing different modes. Anyway thanks again!