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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Last Piece...

Whew, it has been slow around here lately. Although with me not purchasing much  and the 2012 Olympics going on I'm not really surprised. But I did want to showcase one little item I obtained recently. You can see it in the picture to the right. If it isn't immediately recognizable to you as G1 Splashdown's spear then you're not as crazy as they say you are. If you did recognize it, then I can't really help your obsessive needs.

Anyway, I wanted to do a post on this piece because it is the last accessory I needed for my G1 American collection. So as of a couple of weeks ago I officially completed my G1 figure collection with all figures and all parts. Now I do still have one decoy and one minispy yet to obtain, and I still need a few tech specs and instruction booklets so I'm not 100% finished, but for all intents and purposes my American G1 is done. It has been a twenty-seven year process that began with the purchase of a single figure: Smokescreen. And now it has ended with Splashdown. Honestly it is an odd piece to be the last one I need, but it just didn't come around that often. Funnily enough, on the last day of Savcon a well-known Transformers parts dealer posted two on eBay. And of course I snatched it right up.

I also thought this might be a good time to showcase Splashdown in a retro segment:

Pretender Shell

Pretender Shell and Splashdown Robot

"Alt" mode (if  you can call it that)

Who knew Splashdown had so many pieces?!

The large pretender figures can be notorious for having a lot of accessories and this guy is no exception.

On another note I've made a small update to my AFA page with a few new acquisitions. Check it out here.


  1. Nice! I need to complete my Splashdown as well. I'm missing the shell, helmet and spear. Your shell looks like its in pretty good condition.

    1. Thanks! For a figure I had to piece together like this one he is in remarkably good condition. Good luck on the hunt, it took me forever to find parts that weren't stupid prices.

  2. Well congrats Ark!!! That's awesome. And I distinctly remember owning Splashdown as a kid, but I also distinctly remember ditching the shell almost immediately and just keeping the inner robot...I was weird like that.

    Anywho, Nice work!

    1. Thanks! So you actually threw away the pretender shell? Wow, I've never heard of that before. I actually really liked the pretenders as a kid, just another way for them to be "robots in disguise".

  3. I just realized I'm missing his black belt. Son of a _____ >_<