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Thursday, August 9, 2012

TFC-007 Rage of the Hercules

How about that? Something new! For the longest time I was on the fence about this "upgrade" set because I really thought Hercules didn't need it. He was originally designed so that most of his combiner parts were integrated into the individual robot modes. Although unfortunately TFC couldn't find a good way to hide the hands. But I figured I had already purchased everything else Hercules related so I thought why not go ahead and finish him off? I really hadn't taken a long, hard look at all of the upgrades included in this set, but I was looking forward to the forearm replacements.

So imagine my surprise when I open up the Rage of the Hercules and start to compare. First off, I didn't realize it was a completely different head! I knew about being able to switch out the mouth plate, but I hadn't paid enough attention to notice that his replacement head is much more G1 inspired now (at least one of his G1 heads). His rifle is also a much better replacement for the six individual guns that formed the prior rifle. And the forearms and shoulder extensions make for a much more imposing Devastator. He seems taller and bulkier up against any other figures, which as I've said before, is how it should be. Devastator was always the most powerful combiner, so it makes sense he should tower over everything on my classics shelf.

New head on the left. Much better.

He really captures the G1 Devastator look now, the forearms make such a difference.
I was also surprised to find Hercules' tech spec card in the TFC-007 set. It makes sense, but I wasn't expecting it, so it is a nice little bonus. I love paperwork, so it was great for TFC to do an additional tech spec card for the combined form just like the old giftsets used to do.

Finally, a bit of humor on the part of TFC. I noticed this while checking out the poster that came with the set.

Apparently they are getting annoyed at people confusing Chinese characters with Japanese characters, lol.

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  1. It looks like they took a page out of MakeToys' Giant design for the forearms. I actually like the previous ones better because they make good use of the vehicle tracks and I thought that was novel.

    Are you getting Green Giant?

    1. I really liked that idea too, which is why I was on the fence about this for so long. But now that I have it in-person, I feel this is probably the way he should be displayed. It is nice to have the option to change it back though.

      No, I won't be getting Green Giant, I may pick up the yellow one in the future (or an orange one!) for my Neo-G2 display though. I just like how big Hercules is compared to the rest of the classics.

  2. Mine comes in today too! Nice! I was worried how the face would look, and yeah, it does look much better!

    1. Agreed. It is amazing how you don't really notice it until they are side by side.

  3. Cool write-up. This is definitely something I want to pick up!