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Monday, November 21, 2011

Japanese Exclusive Deszarus

I've been on a Japanese kick lately...

Deszarus (often called Deathsaurus) was one of the very first Japanese Exclusive figures I obtained back in 2007. He came after a particularly good year in which I got a big tax refund from the IRS. Of course that will never happen again. When he arrived I was surprised at how big he was, he practically towers over most of my other G1's, I mean he is really on par with the city bots! Up until that point the only other figures I had from Victory were Star Saber and Victory Leo so even though he is huge, he was in good scale with those guys.

You know, I don't know a lot about Japanese Culture, but I think Deszarus's alt mode is supposed to be some sort of Godzilla like monster which is apparently a big thing in Japan. Kinda like Bigfoot is to America, but I've never seen a Bigfoot Transformer. That would be awesome though. Anyway, if you have seen the one with Mechagodzilla, you know what I am talking about here. Deszarus's gimmick is his Breast Force action; in which he works kinda like Soundwave by hiding minions in his chest. Although he is the only Breast Force member that can hold more than one (I assume this is because he is the leader. The only other Breast Force members are those that make up Liokaiser.) It is a pretty neat feature, but it makes the figure very boxy with a big square hole in his chest. This figure has some great qualities about it and I'm glad I was able to add it to my collection.

'Bot mode
'Bot mode sans Breast members
Eagle and Tiger Breast members
Godzilla mode
Aaaand Grimlock, for scale purposes


  1. jealousy growing... GROWING... shrinking...

    ... GROWING...

  2. Gratz! Lovely piece of Vintage goodness.

  3. I had his Brave repaint counter Red Geist. Focus in on the word 'had'. This guy is still on my want list, but sadly doesn't appear to be obtainable anytime soon.

  4. This is the last Victory figure I need, I am just waiting to get MIB at a good price, missed one a couple weeks ago due to other TF purchases.. Man it is so addicting I can't help myself but spend every penny and now selling off my extras on ebay to get more Haha.
    Cool pics, thanks again for sharing with us other addicts.
    At least there is comfort in seeing pictures :)

    1. Thanks! Deszarus is so much bigger in person than I thought he was. When his box came in the mail I thought it was something else because I didn't realize he is as big as all that. Keep searching though, he's a great figure, oh and be careful as sometimes the paint on the chrome is chipping off.