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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Headmaster Kirk

Japan has a lot of exclusive Transformers. I mean a lot. It all started back in 1987 when the Japanese and American continuities split off from each other. In America "The Rebirth" aired as season four of the series and was only three episodes long. Japan however got an entire series named "Headmasters" that ran for something like forty episodes. As a result many new figures were released that never saw the light in America. Kirk is one of those figures.

Six unique headmaster heads were released in 1987 without larger bodies. These were supposedly headmasters "in-training" and had not acquired their larger forms yet. Unfortunately they were released in very limited quantities and are very hard to come by today. That is until a third party company released unofficial versions of them last year. Flooding the market with replicas it had the effect of decreasing the price on the authentic versions much to my delight. Before the unofficial ones came out I had already collected two of the six, and now I have added a third.

These guys are just really neat because you can switch them out on any standard size headmaster for a completely new look. I know that there were more of these unique heads planned for release later in the series but for some reason or another they never came to fruition.

Chromedome with Stylor
Chromedome with Kirk. Notice the tech spec difference.
Kirk is slightly larger than Stylor, but the colors are almost identical.
Kirk, Trizer and Loafer
Three down, three to go!
The final three I am missing (Rodney, Lione and Shuffler) are the more expensive of the six but hopefully I will be able to get them at a good price with all of the reissues on the market.

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