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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Plain 'ol Circuit

Hooray! A post about Transformers again! Even though it is just Circuit here, he doesn't get a lot of love fictionally speaking. I believe he has only appeared recently in the IDW comics (in the background nonetheless) and other than his toy bio he really doesn't have much going on. He is the epitome of obscure Generation One characters. But that may change soon.

I nabbed Circuit off Transformerland over a month ago because he was a good price. And after obtaining Thundercracker I really started to enjoy these "exo-suit" Action Masters. So Circuit is the second of four figures produced in this manner that I have obtained. He is also a European exclusive figure that was never released in the United States so he is a little harder to come by.

As with many Action Masters there isn't a whole lot of play value, but that wasn't why I purchased him. It is the completist in me that drives me towards guys like Circuit. However, soon this character will be getting (surprisingly) an upgrade via the Transformers Collector's Club as part of their exclusive figure subscription service. So just like when Overlord and Metalhawk were "discovered" by a whole new set of fans back when the Botcon 2012 set came out I predict the same will happen for Circuit. Even though historically Action Masters aren't very desirable at least it will give this guy a little more time in the spotlight and perhaps we will get a little more characterization soon. According to the TFWiki, he is basically the Autobots' version of Swindle, except he sucks at making deals so they often go awry. I think there could definitely be some interesting stories there.

TFCC Circuit "Update"


  1. I'm not crazy about Circuit's color scheme, but I really dig the vehicle. It looks awesome.

  2. That is a great new addition to an already stellar collection.

  3. Its funny...but G1 Circuit looks way better than the TFCC version. I don't know what I'm going to do with mine. He's god-awful ugly and I'd be willing to sell him, if I didn't think it would come back to bite me in the rear later on.

    Great pick up though, again, G1 Circuit looks awesome!