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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Something a little different in the AFA game

I've been collecting AFA G1 Transformer figures for about two years now and have learned a lot about not only the market, but the collectors and sellers that make up the fanbase. AFA collectors are a very small group and so pretty much everyone knows everyone else which makes anonymity very difficult. However more times than not this is an advantage because it aids in preventing unsuspecting buyers (like me sometimes) from pulling the trigger on a bad deal or working with a crappy seller. The organization and interconnectedness AFA community is really its biggest strength, and I am glad to know the excellent individuals who make up that community.

Anyway, ever since I started collecting AFA figures less than 1% of the figures I have seen have been from the last two years of G1. In fact, I've never seen AFA Action Masters before. So a few months ago when I got a good deal on eBay for some sealed G1 '89 and '90 figures I decided I would get them AFA'd and start from the other end of things. Most G1 AFA collectors focus on 1984-1987 (If that far! Many just do 1984-1985!) so it isn't often you see the later year figures. So here I present the AFA figures that came back the other day in all their late G1 glory!

Action Master Snarl - 85 (!)
Action Master Devestator - 85 (!)
Race Car Patrol - 70 (boooo)
Monster Truck Patrol - 75 (eh)
Battle Patrol - 75 (eh)

Overall not too bad. Like I have said in the past I am less concerned with the grades than with just having them cased up. Protecting them is the most important part to me. I have five other sealed Action Masters that I will be sending off sometime in the near future and hopefully they'll do as well as these did!


  1. I will never understand the AFA thing. Life is meant for living and TFs are meant for handling. And things deteriorate just like we all die. I'm happy with that. ;)

  2. Botch, you are absolutely correct. Toys are meant to be played with, that is why I don't own any AFA's of figures that I don't already have loose. It has always been my viewpoint that one sample of each figure should be preserved for history; kind of like a time capsule. That is why I really don't care about the grades (which can tend to get people really up in arms). Now, whether I am the person that should be the one preserving them all is a different matter altogether. Many times I have been on the fence about if I should just sell them and enjoy my loose collection, its a tough call. Half of me wouldn't mind being rid of them and the other half tells me I must have them all! I am torn.

  3. I can see that. So if you knew that *someone* ou there -- or better yet, a museum -- was maintaining a near-perfect TF AFA collection, you would stop collecting them?

  4. If there was a museum out there preserving one of every transformer I would probably stop trying to get every one, but I would keep a select few that are special to me. I know there are a few AFA collectors out there with collections much larger and complete than my own. I've often wondered if AFA figures were really for me for this reason. Since there have been collectors out there doing it longer and better than me I often question my own motives.

    I wish Hasbro was like Lego and kept one of everything they produced sealed in an underground vault.

  5. Wait a minute. Lego keeps one sample of each item made sealed in an underground vault? Seriously? Wow, I never knew that!

  6. Yep, they do. And now I've discovered a bit of new information that leads me to believe Hasbro does as well. I shall investigate further.